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Janiya's Reading Circle

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Janiya’s Book Club is a component of Janiya’s reading circle. The discounted price comes from being a student at OLSFMC. The book club and reading circle are designed to improve the reading skills of readers no matter what level of reading the child is at.

 Our Mission is to develop the minds of the youth to excellent reading potential.

Our motto is Reading with a Purpose

 In the book club, the members get a membership card and a new reading story every two months. Janiya wants to ensure that the readers get to read the books and answer the comprehension questions and the end of the reading. Readers are encouraged to write down questions they may have and be ready for a Janiya reading circle discussion. The Reading Circle will meet every 1st Saturday of the month

 We cover six essential reading components

 1. Phonemic Awareness:

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear that a spoken word is made up of a series of discrete sounds. This is not just important in English, but phonemic awareness is critical for any language that has an alphabetic writing system. Phonemic awareness is an important component of a good literacy program for a few reasons:


  • Teaching phonemic awareness allows for greater printed word recognition.
  • Teaching phonemic awareness teaches children to identify, understand, and manipulate sounds in spoken words.
  • Teaching phonemic awareness helps teachers recognize if students will have trouble with reading and spelling.


2. Phonics Instruction:

Phonics instruction is teaching children that specific sounds belong to specific letters and letter patterns. Phonics instructions help children recognize and associate the sounds of the letters and letter patterns in the words they read. Phonics instruction is a vital part of a literacy program for these reasons:

  • Phonics instruction helps children decode words by recognizing the sounds that accompany letters and letter patterns.
  • Phonics instruction increases fluency by helping children read more accurately and with ease.
  • Phonics instruction helps with reading comprehension. When a word is pronounced correctly, it improves the understanding of the word.
  • Phonics instruction helps children increase their everyday vocabulary. If children feel comfortable in the correctness of the word that they are saying, they will use it more often.


3. Vocabulary:

Vocabulary can be defined as the knowledge of words and their meanings. The purpose of teaching vocabulary is for children to understand words and to use them to acquire and convey meaning. Vocabulary is an important component of a literacy program because the more words that a child knows and understands the more the child will comprehend when reading. Vocabulary is an important component in a successful literacy program because:

  • vocabulary knowledge increases comprehension, which is vital to a child’s ability to do well in school.
  • A greater vocabulary increases a child’s ability to read and write with fluency.


4. Fluency:

Fluency is a child’s ability to effortlessly and correctly read, speak, and write English. Fluency in reading should include consistent speed, accuracy, and the use of the proper expression. Fluency is achieved when a child is no longer focusing on how to read. Helping children read fluently is very important to a successful literacy program. Fluency is linked directly to comprehension, and once it is achieved, a student can start focusing on the meaning of what they read.


5. Comprehension:

Comprehension refers to a child’s understanding of what they are reading. This not only includes reading but also what is written. Having students attain comprehension of what they are reading and writing is very important. Comprehension is an important component of an effective literacy program for a few reasons:

  • Comprehension is important to success in academic and personal learning.
  • Comprehension is important to becoming a productive member of society.
  • Comprehension is important in obtaining and maintaining a job and being successful in life.



6. Writing:

Writing is the process of students generating text, whether on paper or on a screen. Some studies suggest that reading and writing are interconnected although they have been taught separately for years. Writing is an important part of a literacy program:

  • For younger children, writing helps to reinforce phonemic awareness and phonics instruction.
  • For older children, writing can help children understand the kinds of styles of text they read.
  • Writing about what a child has read helps develop their reading comprehension skills.
  • Writing and reading strengthen and support each other, actively combining all the other components of a literacy program together.

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